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Today I Watched is a web series/podcast hosted by Erik J Skinner.

Every episode takes a quick look at a movie, tv show, comedy special, or other thing that can be watched. (Mostly pro wrestling)

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Jul 31, 2021

Today I talk about some of the things I've been enjoying recently, and what I am excited for coming up n August! Stay tuned for slightly more than just one episode next month!

Jul 31, 2020

Today I watched WWE NXT 573 and NXT UK 104 broadcast July 29-30, 2020!

Feb 12, 2020

Today I watched WWE Raw 1394 broadcast February 10, 2020 and the 2019 film Doctor Sleep directed by Mike Flanagan!

Dec 31, 2019

Today I watched WWE Raw 1388 broadcast December 30, 2019. It featured Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy, The OC vs Street Profits, Charlotte vs Natalya, Andrade vs Ricochet, and the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley!

Dec 31, 2019

Today I watched WWE Raw 1387 (December 23) NXT 541 (December 25) and SmackDown 1062 (December 27)!